(This article is written especially for all you educationalists out there)

Yes, that’s a provocative title to this article and by intent. But don’t take my word for it, go to everyonesinvited.uk and read the testimonies — if you can bear to. Or better still, stop and think for a moment where the future murderers, rapists, torturers and abusers are right now. Yes, in schools, being taught by teachers like you and I.

We educationalists have become skilled at getting young people to pass exams but we’re miserable failures at producing healthy, well-balanced, non-violent, and non-aggressive human beings. …

In 2002, a large number of Chinese scientists embarked on a quest to find the ‘warrior gene’ in men. Armed with wads of government money they were searching for a gender ‘Holy Grail’ one which has eluded all scientists — proof that variations in DNA were linked to men’s violent behaviour. Not that these Chinese were hoping to reduce male violence. On the contrary, they wanted to find ways of ‘boosting aggression and building a better soldier’. Ten years later, they quietly gave up on the quest — the research was declared a failure and stopped.

The Chinese research didn’t…

As I say farewell to the most dramatic year of my 71-year long life, I take with me one abiding image. It is of a group of armed men standing on the steps of the Michigan, Ohio State Court House, protesting covid-19 lockdown and the use of face masks. These over-privileged, protected, indulged, but psychologically weak men, drew on a singular rhetoric to justify their actions; the discourse of ‘freedom’, ‘rights’, ‘choice’ and ‘end to tyranny’.

‘Freedom’ is, without question, the most abused word in the English language.

MAGA caps, battle fatigues and assault rifles don’t just symbolise a country…

Seems Bill Gates and I have the same thought.

Just a few days after I was pondering setting up a website* to allow people to give a grading to their country in respect of how it has handled Covid-19, up comes Bill with the comment that “Few countries are going to get ‘A-grade’ for their coronavirus response”.

I find this too tempting to resist, especially as it is Sunday afternoon, in lockdown, in front of my computer with nothing much to do, and not yet ready to watch my film of the week (Shankly: Nature’s Fire, if you are curious).

Real, imagined and electronic

Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

My four grandparents not only survived WW1, they survived the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918–20.

I doubt they realised how fortunate they were .

They had no way of knowing that these two global catastrophes wiped out over 100 million fellow humans: approximately 8% of the world population, and left many millions more financially destitute, physically crippled and emotionally traumatised.

That was a mere 100 years ago. It puts our peaky Covid-19 problem in perspective, don’t you think?

But Covid-19 is unique in the annals of human history, and the reason why is indicated in the…

Why Westerners are doomed to suffer, while Asia recovers

By Dr Stephen Whitehead (views are author’s own)

Unbelievable (source: @ken_macarthur, NHS critical worker)

As an expat Brit, living in South East Asia for 13 years, I’ve been ashamed and embarrassed at the stupidity of my fellow-citizens. To see photos and videos of masses of Brits taking last weekend as an opportunity to visit the seaside and take leisurely walks in parks just staggers me.

And as for the London Underground, yes why not carry on as normal - after all, isn’t that the British way? Squeezed together, shoulder to shoulder, and barely a face mask to be seen among the lot of them.

Maybe I’ve…

US lawmakers discussing taking away maternity coverage — spot the missing element

Dr Stephen M. Whitehead

What to make of the shocking global report, just published, which reveals that nine out of ten people are biased against women?

Frankly, much as it depresses me, it doesn’t surprise me.

One of the reasons why women continue to suffer under an overt or covert patriarchal condition is because they allow it to happen.

We have had feminist action at least since the 1950s and over the past two decades it has intensified to become a powerful and highly visible global movement. …

People around the world are taking to the streets to demand an end to male violence against women

Dr Stephen Whitehead

Thailand has been in a state of shock since Jakrapanth Thomma’s killing spree in a shopping mall in the north eastern city of Nakhon Ratchasima. From 15.30 on 8th February to 09.13 the following morning, the 31-year-old soldier shot 29 people dead and wounded another 58 before being killed by Thai security forces. That this man was a Sergeant Major in the highly respected Thai army, has only added to the national grief and soul-searching.

Despite having extensive gun ownership, Thailand had till then avoided the horror of random mass shootings by men. But whatever assumptions Thais…

The benefits of polyamory are many and really this is the natural condition of the human species.

We are not designed to be faithful, monogamous and live happily ever after with one person from the age of 24 to 84. Just not natural.

Polyamory is natural not least because it allows humans to enjoy and embrace their sexuality without guilt and shame.

Global society is now moving quickly to a post-marriage social arrangement and we will all be a lot better off for it.

The only people who will lose out will be the divorce lawyers.

Sexuality is a powerful…

Dr Stephen Whitehead

The biggest challenge facing parents of boys is not so much ensuring they become wealthy in life, or even physically healthy, but ensuring they do not grow to adulthood and become a danger to women. Secondly, not growing to adulthood and becoming a danger to anyone else. Thirdly, not growing to adulthood becoming a danger to themselves. In short, do you want your son to be a victim of toxic masculinity or do you want him to become a smarter, healthier man?

If your answer is the latter, then you must prepare for this long before the…

Dr Stephen M. Whitehead

Dr Stephen M. Whitehead: internationally recognised writer, researcher, sociologist in gender, men, masculinities, relationships, global education, identity.

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